Andover Newton Theological School

Wilson Chapel at Andover Newton Theological School is a modern interpretation of the traditional New England meetinghouse. It was constructed to mark the school’s bicentenary in 2007.

Founded in 1807, Andover Newton is the nation’s oldest theological school and its first graduate institution of any kind. From the start, it created the model for theological education followed by virtually all graduate seminaries ever since.

Throughout its remarkable history, Andover Newton has continued to develop new models for ministry and has trained some of the nation’s most innovative and influential leaders.

Andover Newton has always been an innovator in response to a diverse and rapidly changing world. Today, the school serves as a dynamic laboratory for religious education and the church of the future.

In recent years, Andover Newton has established nationally-recognized interfaith programs in conjunction with nearby Hebrew College. It has welcomed a diverse student body representing more than 50 faiths and denominations.

Long known for its strong sense of community and its inspiring, academically accomplished faculty, Andover Newton continues to break new ground in theological education and lead in interfaith education for the 21st century and beyond.

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