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“Thank you for bringing this amazing project to life.”

— Alice A.

“These spaces filled my heart on so many occasions when I needed a little uplifting! I always wondered if others used them as much as I valued them! Love this project!”

— Hillary D.

“Our Lady of The Airways at Logan Airport has been a special place for my family for many decades. My Dad grew up in East Boston and spent a few summers working at the airport. His parents remained in East Boston until their passing just a few years ago. Most trips to East Boston (especially those that included an airport drop-off or pick-up) involved a trip to Our Lady of the Airways, either for a quick visit or for Sunday morning mass. As little kids, my sisters and I loved the shortened liturgy and liked to believe my Mom’s funny theory that the priest had roller skates to distribute Holy Communion so fast. Though I have not been to Our Lady of the Airways in a few years, I have fond memories of this hidden gem and always feel a special connection to others who know about it or frequent it.”

— Alyssa A.