Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Meditation Space, Charlestown

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital opened its new 132-bed facility in Charlestown in 2013, featuring a modern interfaith meditation space rather than a traditional hospital chapel.

While the previous space had been converted from its original use as a conference room, the transition to a new hospital offered the unique opportunity to create a fresh design with the input of the spiritual care team.

The new space, a meditation room off of the main hospital entrance, was designed by architectural firm Perkins + Will.  The room followed the principles of the new hospital’s design to transform patient centered rehabilitative care through inclusive design, dynamic uses of light and sustainable approaches. Using a minimalist approach, the meditation room includes only a few chairs, wavy glass, and a sculpture.

The fully accessible room is mostly used by visitors and staff for private meditation and quiet introspection. The sculpture, designed by Michael Guadagno, invokes nature imagery through the use of two types of marble. In recognition of the hospital’s role in treating 32 Boston Marathon bombing survivors, a community created quilt hangs in the corridor to welcome visitors to the meditation space.

The Spaulding Spiritual Care staff including Chaplains and Eucharistic ministers, provides support to the Spaulding Community based out of an office down the hall from the meditation room.

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